Basic Dog Training Commands That Every Dog Owner Must Know

5 Basic Dog Training Commands that Every Dog Owner Must Know

So you just adopted a dog? Wow, nothing can be more beautiful than being a dog parent. He’s your best friend, your most loyal companion, and a buddy who’s always there for you, no matter what the situation.

Do you think anything can ever equal that?

However, being a dog parent, you have to make Fido the best-friend of everyone else around too. So he’s equally loved by everyone, not just you. Your doggie is too innocent to learn how to be a good citizen, adapt decent manners and easily understand basic commands.

If you don’t do these things, we’re afraid people will feel uncomfortable around your beloved Fido. You don’t want to see it happening, right?

All you need to do is to train your dog with some important commands, and we’re more than sure he’ll be loved and adored by everyone as you do!

Below, you get to read a list of basic dog training commands that every dog owner must know.

Excited to be familiar with them? Let’s begin!

  1. Sit

You might be familiar with this command already by observing other dog owners telling their dogs to sit.

It’s one of the easiest commands yet one of the essential basic commands as it helps your dog learn how to follow instructions and respond positively to commands.

To start training your dog with his very first command, you should keep in mind that it’s important to be gentle and kind. If you’re going to teach him with an iron hand, he’s too stubborn to respond positively in this way.

  • Teach him this command the way you teach a baby to take his very first steps.
  • Don’t forget to treat him or offer him his favorite toys when he sits and responds positively to the command. It will encourage him a lot to get better at following commands, so you’re good to carry on with the next commands easily.
  • Down:

Want to take your doggie with you in parks and cafés? Then teaching the DOWN command is mandatory.

Once your dog becomes comfortable in a down position, he’s no more a threat to people around. A win-win!

It is a pretty challenging command. After all, you are trying to convert your bossy doggo into an obedient pal, but it’s totally doable. Thanks to the love of treats!

  • Find some aromatic treats and hold them in a closed fist.
  • Let your dog smell it.
  • Move your hand down, say ‘down’ in a polite tone, and make your boy follow.
  • As soon as he’s in the down position, reward him with the treat.

Don’t be pushy and repeat this training every day for better results.

  • Stay:

Does your dog become hyper whenever the doorbell rings? That’s the case with most of the dogs out there.

You’ll agree that a peaceful dog is ALWAYS a better dog. Right? You can keep your boy calm if you train him to ‘stay’, but first, make sure that your dog is good at ‘Sit’ or ‘Down’ command.

If he is, you can move to the ‘stay’ command.

  • First, ask your dog to sit.
  • Once he has sat, tell him to stay.
  • Step away from your dog and if he stays in the place, encourage him with treats.

This is a self-control command. Hence, dogs take some time to master it. So, be patient and keep training until your dog successfully masters the cue.

  • Come:

Accidents can happen anywhere. You can lose grip over your dog’s leash at a rushy place, and he can hurt himself by bumping into a fast-approaching car, or he may get into a fight with another dog nearby.

In such conditions, the ‘Come’ command can be savvy.

  • Start teaching the command by putting a leash or a collar on your dog.
  • Lean down to communicate and say ‘Come’. Also, push the leash softly towards you.
  • If your dog shows understanding and gets to you, give him the reward he deserves.

When you feel like that your dog has grasped the command, remove the leash or collar. Try practicing the cue in a safe and enclosed area.

Done with that, too?

Now, you can take your off-leash dog anywhere. Enjoy a walk or jog with a free fido by your side.

One pro tip here is to completely train your dog to obey the ‘Stay’ command before teaching him to ‘Come’. It makes the understanding of the ‘Come’ cue a lot easier.

  • Off:

Our four-foot friends are always eager to jump. Looks like they don’t want to stay on their fours for a longer time.

Whenever you arrive home, and your doggie starts jumping to greet you out of excitement, it’s time to teach him the useful skill.

Never mix up the ‘Down’ command with ‘Off’.

‘Down’ brings your domineering dog into a passive position whereas, ‘Off’ teaches your dog that jumping over the furniture and climbing up the visitors is inappropriate.

  • When your dog shows undesired behavior, fill your hands with treats and keep them closed.
  • Take one of your closed hands near the dog and let him smell the tasty treat.
  • The aroma of your dog’s best-loved treat will draw him back from the jumping action.
  • Allow him to enjoy the treat plus, instruct him to get ‘Off.’

Repeatedly, train your dog with this trick, and soon, your dog will learn how to keep his paws on the floor.

Final Thoughts:

A dog is a lovely companion, and teaching him some commands or cues is FUN. Dogs are fast learners. A bit of your love and guidance will not only turn your fido into a disciplined companion but will also nurture a good relationship between you two.

Dog training works better if accompanied by some treats. After all, every learner wants some encouragement. In the case of dogs, what can be a better reward other than giving him his favorite treats to nibble, right?

Keep a bag of treats and dry kibble handy, and start training your furry right away!

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