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Pet Shower Bathing Tool


Are you having a hard time bathing your pets and won’t able to ease the pet’s anxiety?

Two-in-one pet shower sprayers combine grooming brush and water sprayer, suitable for cleaning many types and sizes of dogs. Adjustable strap for your hand size, one-handed control to ease the pet’s anxiety. Not only can take shower to pet, but also massage.

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Pet Shower Bathing Tool spray header and grooming glove are designed as one, your pets can enjoy both shower and massage at the same time. They will love bathing. Reduce Pet’s Shower Stress, the Soft silicone material makes your pet more docile when you clean it. Greatly improving the efficiency of cleaning. Indoor and Outdoor Widely Using 3 Faucet Adapters are easy to connect to your existing baths and garden faucet.

Ergonomic one-size-fits-all design straps securely to either hand.

It’s a wearable combination sprayer-scrubber that can be easily turned on and off.

It gives you total control over your pet and the flow of water during the entire bathing process, eliminating much of the time and fuss involved in bath time.

This device puts everything you’ll need right in the palm of one hand, so you’ll have the other hand free to herd your dog and keep them in place

Slim and flexible sprayer in palm allows you to control your dog with both hands while soaking the densest of fur

The innovative design reduces spraying water, speed up bath time, and reduces stress for anxious pets

Includes adapters for Connecting to shower bathtub and outdoor garden hose



Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 5 cm

Weight 0.45 kg


20.0 × 20.0 × 5.0 cm




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